The following are list of ministries in Jesus Baptized Assembly International;

  • Minister’s Ministry– Commission to Preach the Gospel & Evangelism. Seek to help our congregation practice its mission of winning souls.
  • Prayer Band Ministry – Band of believers who use the gift of intercessory prayer by praying in the Spirit to fight spiritual warfare within the ministry and community, interceding during all services.
  • Men’s Ministry  (Wise Men) Men’s Ministry are dedicated to helping all men to be the Godly Men that God has called them to be.
  • Women’s Ministry (Favoured Women) – Dedicated to teaching all women to become the Virtuous Woman of God.
  • Youth Ministry –(Glorious Youth) Godly Individuals Focused Towards Eternal Destiny (G.I.F.T.E.D.) Designed to help & teach young people to the meaning of eternal destiny through fellowships, prayer, trips and rap sessions.
  • Usher Ministry – Serves as doorkeepers and custodians of worship.
    Leader: Sister Rosemary Ike
  • Music Ministry Designed to provide melodious atmosphere of  worship and praise for the Congregation.
  • Drama Ministry – This ministry adds, while sharing the ultimate message…redemption through Jesus Christ. An anointed group of people display the meaning of discipleship through drama plays, puppet shows and much more.
  • Media Ministry – Designed to provide sound for all services and media coverage such as live streaming, audio streaming, radio broadcast, and much more.
  • Children’s Ministry – Designed to help and teach children how to live according to the word of God, while having fun at the same time.

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